5.5.1. Inserting Hyperlinks
Starting from version 1.9, 7 Sticky Notes offers a great Hyperlink feature!

The Hyperlink feature of 7 Sticky Notes allows you to easily add customizable and clicable hyperlinks directly at the text of the notes, exactly like you are do normally in other programs such as Microsoft Worzd, E-mails, etc! It is very simple and easy to use, and the hyperlink feature supports a variety of options for you to create in-note links:

• Files
• Folders/directories
• Microsoft OneNote notes
• URLs/websites
• E-mails
• Any system recognized link

Note that the Hyperlink feature was created to extend the default link detection capability of 7 Sticky Notes. If you enter any url directly on the note, such as www.google.com, it will be automatically recognized as a link, withou the need for you to define it as a hyperlink.

To use the Hyperlink feature is very easy. You can perform several actions with them, which includes inserting hyperlinks, modifying them (text and hyperlink value), executing, and also removing just the hyperlink, keeping the text. Each one of these actions are shown at the topics below:

1. Inserting an Hyperlink

The Hyperlink insertion is done using the new "Hyperlink" button at the configuration window. To insert an Hyperlink simply select the text you would like to add the hyperlink to, and then click the "Hyperlink" button of the configuration window, as you can see on the image on the first image on right.

Right after you click the Hyperlink button, 7 Sticky Notes will ask you to inform the link you'd like to add to the text. In this example let's link to this site, using http://www.7stickynotes.com. Note that if you didn't select a text and press the Hyperlink button, 7 Sticky Notes will ask you before the text you'd like to have, so it can be inserted with the hyperlink. The input window is shown at the picture on the right.

And once you confirm the link (URL, file, folder, etc), it is done! The text is hyperlinked and you can click it to open it! (Note: if the note is being edited, you must CTRL + Click to open the Hyperlink).

2. Inserting an OneNote Hyperlink

As commented above, the Hyperlink feature also supports linking for Microsoft OneNote notes. This special and nice capability was specially designed to allow calling a OneNote note from a 7 Sticky Notes note, and being able to open it by just clicking its hyperlink. It works automatically and all you need to do is to copy the note hyperlink at OneNote by clicking its "Copy Hyperlink for this Note" menu, and then go directly to 7 Sticky Notes and press CTRL + V or pick the "Paste" right click menu to paste the hyperlink in the note text. When you paste the hyperlink for the OneNote note, 7 Sticky Notes will automatically detect it, and then automatically create for you a hyperlink with the name of the OneNote note!!

3. Opening the Hyperlink

Now that you have your hyperlink inserted you'll want to open it. Well, it is easy! The easiest way to open it is to simply click it, and the hyperlink you configured will be executed.

As an important note and as commented above it is important to know that if a note is being edited (has the config window), in order to prevent the hyperlink to be opened all the time by accident 7 Sticky Notes changes the click-behaviour, and it will only be executed if you CTRL + Click it.

As you can also see on the picture above (with the created hyperlink), if you hover the hyperlink, a tooltip text will be displayed, so you can see what you will open once you click the hyperlink. And lastly, as will be explained below when you right click the hyperlink a special menu will be shown so you can access special actions, and from there you can also use the "Open" item to open the hyperlink.  

4. Modifying the Hyperlink

Once you have the hyperlink set up, you can also modify it, both the hyperlink and its text, any time you want. To do this you can either use the configuration window, or the right click menu for the hyperlink.

The easiest way to edit an hyperlink is using its right click menu (shown at the image above).
Simply right-click the hyperlink and you'll have access to its menu, with the item "Modify Hyperlink" to change the configured hyperlink.

And to modify the hyperlink using the configuration window, simply select the hyperlink on the note, making sure it is completely selected, and then click the Hyperlink button at the configuration window. Once you do this, an input window will open to let you edit the selected hyperlink. Note that for this function to work the hyperlink must be fully selected. That is, if you select the hyperlink partially, or select more than one hyperlinks, the button at the configuration window will become disabled.


5. Modifying the Text

Also, you can modify the hyperlink text (the one that is shown at the note). You can either do this by using the right click menu, and choosing "Modify Text", or by typing directly in the note text, but, because the hyperlink stored the link information in the text, it is strongly recommended that you use the "Modify Text" right click menu to change the hyperlink text. To do this, simply right click the hyperlink and choose the "Modify Text" item, and then enter the new text at the window that will be displayed.

6. Remove the Hyperlink

If you want to remove the hyperlink you also have two options. Firstly, you can simply select the text and delete it, like you would do normally. But, because of the same reason described above, it is recommended that you use the right click menu "Remove Hyperlink". Once you select it, the hyperlink will be automatically removed from the text.

7. Copy hyperlink

And finally, there is an additional option at the Hyperlink feature that will allow you to copy an hyperlink directly from a not editing note, without putting it under editing. As explained above, if you right click an editing note you can click the "Modify Hyperlink" menu to retrieve the configured hyperlink. But, in order to allow retrieving the hyperlink easily also from a note that is not editing, a new menu, called "Copy Hyperlink" is displayed, every time you right click a non-editing note. The picture below shows the "Copy Hyperlink" menu, simply select it, and the hyperlink will be automatically copied to the Windows clipboard: