3.2. Portable Version Install
The Portable Version Install of 7 Sticky Notes allows you to install the program directly to a folder of your flash-drive, thumb-drive, memory card, external disk, or any other removable media so you can take your notes every where.

Of course, you can also have the Portable Version of 7 Sticky Notes installed in a local folder of your computer (like your Desktop for example), as an alternative to the normal install. The portable version installation does not require administrative rights to run, so if you cannot elevate the setup package to administrative privileges, for example because you are in a corporative IT environment (e.g., your work), then the portable version is the way to go for you! All steps for you to install the Portable Version of 7 Sticky Notes are described below:

Note: In the portable version, the database location is fixed, as it is always stored in the same folder as the program, in order to allow the program folder to be completely moved (such as when stored in flash drives) without affecting the access to the database.

1. Download the setup package for 7 Sticky Notes' most current version from the Download page.

2. Locate the setup package file and double click it to run it.

3. Starting from v1.5, 7 Sticky Notes supports multi-language translations. The first window you will see it's the "Select Setup Language" box. At this window, select your preferred 7 Sticky Notes install language from the drop down list and then click the "Ok" button (you will be able to change the language later within the program if you need, as you can see at the Languages section.

Would like to help? If you cannot find your language at 7 Sticky Notes, then you can help by translating the program to your language. 7 Sticky Notes is a free program built to help everyone, and by translating it you will help many users that will be able to use the program in their native languages! All translation scripts are available at the Languages Page, and are free and available for anyone to translate them! The help is much appreciated, and if you want to contribute and have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'll explain how to get the translation ready!

4. The next screen will show a Welcome message, and will inform the version of 7 Sticky Notes to be installed. Click Next on this screen.

5. On the next screen, select "I Agree" for the License Agreement and then click next.

6. Now you will choose which 7 Sticky Notes version you will install. In this case, select "Portable" to install the portable version and click next.


7. At the next screen, you will be able to change the install folder of 7 Sticky Notes. The default installation folder for the portable version is the Windows Desktop Folder, but you can specify any other folder you would like. When you are done, click on the next button to proceed.
8. At the final setup screen, review all the installation choices and click "Install" to begin installing 7 Sticky Notes.
9. Once the setup is complete, the final screen will display the message informing that the program has been successfully installed and you are ready to start 7 Sticky Notes!.