3. Installing 7 Sticky Notes
7 Sticky Notes can be installed and is fully tested to work in any version of Microsoft Windows starting from Windows 2000. This means Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit versions of these Operational Systems. 7 Sticky Notes is also designed to work with multiple monitors setups.

7 Sticky Notes needs to have VB6 Run-Time files installed and necessary dll's registered at the target system in order to work. These files are normally bundled with Windows (at least in XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 these files are pre-installed), but if they are not present, the setup package will automatically install them for you. When installing in normal mode, you must have Administrative Privileges to install these files, like any other file under Windows. Portable mode install does not
register any file, so you don't need administrator privileges.

All installation is done through a single setup package (available at the Download Page), and provides two install options that are going to be detailed in the next topics:

  3.1. Normal Install: Regular 7 Sticky Notes installation
3.2. Portable Version: Used to install 7 Sticky Notes on a pen-drive, flash-drive, memory card, or any other removable media, so you can take your notes around anywhere you go.

7 Sticky Notes was created to be and is a free software. It is free to use under any environment, including at your work and at your home, and it doesn't have any kind of restriction. It is a great tool for you to keep track of your tasks and it was created to allow that. I only ask to not sell it or anything similar, and to maintain my authorship. You can view 7 Sticky Notes usage License Agreement here.