Attach Pad Layout
The "Attach Pad" is where all the attached files and folders of the note are showed. By default, it stays hidden to save note space, but, as explained in the "Attaching Files/Folders" topic, once you drag a file or folder over the note, it will be automatically displayed, and will always be visible when you drop an attachment on the note to list the attached files and folders. You can see the layout of the Attach Pad on the image below:

Attachment Icon
Link Overlay
Attach Pad
Horizontal Scroll
File/Folder Name

Each one of the elements and areas of the Attach Pad above are going to be explained in the following items:

Attachment Icon: Shows the system icon for the file or folder. If the file is an image, and the "Show preview for attachments when available" option is enable at the Visual Effects Options of 7 Sticky Notes, this icon instead shows the thumbnail preview of the image. The thumbnail preview of images is enabled by default.

If you hover the mouse over the Attachment Icon, it will display in a pop up tooltip the size and location of the file, and the size, number of files and folders, and location if an attached folder.

Link Overlay: If the attachment is "Linked" (to know more the 7 Sticky Notes attachment modes, please see the
Attaching Files/Folders topic), the system link overlay will be displayed over the icon, to show that the attachment is a shortcut. All attachments that don't have the link overlay on the icon are embedded attachments.

Attach Pad: Area of the Attach Pad containing the list of attached files and folders. This area can be used to drop attachments, and the items can be double clicked to be opened/executed, and dragged from the Attach Pad to a folder in Windows to be copied.

Horizontal Scroll: When the list of attachments is too big to fit inside the width of the Attach Pad, the Horizontal Scroll will be automatically displayed to allow scrolling of the list to access all the attachments. This Horizontal Scroll is hidden when the list does not exceed the Attach Pad width.

File/Folder Name: Shows the name of the file or folder. If the name is too long, the text is truncated to 2 lines, and you should use the attachment tooltip to see its full name.