Style Tab Layout
The "Style" tab of the configuration window allows you to customize all individual styles of the note. You can see the layout of this tab with all its elements at the image below:

Transparency Bar
Color Theme Dropdown List
Show Title Checkbox
Always on Top Checkbox

Transparency Bar: Changes the transparency of the note. Scroll it to the left to make the note transparent, and to the right to make it fully opaque. Note that the minimum transparency is limited at 20% in order for the note not to "disappear".

Theme Color Drop Down List: Allows you to choose between the the user-customizable color themes of 7 Sticky Notes, with each theme's name showed right on the side of its preview. The default themes are: Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Green, Red, and Pink. To know how you can create, edit, remove and manage the color themes of 7 Sticky Notes, please check the Themes Section of the options. This same function can be performed by pressing "CTRL + UP" to select the previous theme, and "CTRL + DOWN" to select the next theme, as described in the Keyboard Shortcuts section.

Always on Top Checkbox: When checked, force the note to always stay on top of other windows. Unlock it to allow the note to be hidden behind the other windows as other normal notes/windows.

Show Title Checkbox: Allows you to show/hide the title of the note. Note that the title will only change from hidden to shown, and vice-versa, once you save the note.