5.6. Moving Notes
So, you want to move your note, right? Well, moving the note in 7 Sticky Notes is something very natural and quite simple. You probably already figured it, but, there are a few other useful features for moving the notes on 7 Sticky Notes that you might want to know, and that are going to be explained here.

First of all, you have two "default" ways for moving a notes, depending on its state:

(1) When the note is not editing: As explained in the previous topic, Editing Notes, the note is "Locked" when is being not being edited, that is, you cannot change its texts, but but you can move it!. And moving it is quite easy: all you need to do is click on it (any where) and drag the note around, as simple as that!

(2) When the note is being edited: As was also explained in the previous topic when the note is being editing it is "Unlocked", so you can edit its texts and all styles. When this is done, a new element show up on the title in the same place as the add button, called Drag Pad (that is going to be showed in the Sticky Note Layout topic) that will allow you to move the note while is being edited. And if the note being edited does not have a title, then you can move it by click and dragging the space between the "Text Body Area" and the "Note Border", that can also see in the next Sticky Note Layout topic.

Here is how these moving ways are used:
Moving a normal note:
Moving an editing note with title:
Moving an editing note without title:

And finally, it is also possible to move your notes with the keyboard! This option offers you a quick way to re-position the note in one direction at a time, so they can be perfectly aligned. It is very easy to use it, and all you need to do is:

1. Focus a note
2. Press SHIFT + UP/RIGHT/DOWN/LEFT keyboard arrows to move it, or
3. Press SHIFT + CTRL + UP/RIGHT/DOWN/LEFT to move it using the "fine" distance.

The "fine" distance is a smaller pixel distance, so you can have a better precision when moving the note. Both the standard and fine distances can be customized in pixels at the "Notes Snapping" configurations of the Visual Effects section of the program Options, and the keyboard shortcuts can also be found at the Keyboard Shortcuts section of this help.

As commented above, moving the notes on 7 Sticky Notes is very natural and easy to use, so I recommend to simply give it a try! Also, there are additionally some cool aligning features that complete these moving methods, which are going to be explained at the next topic Aligning Notes.