5.14. Using the Notes Manager
In order to help you organize and manage all your notes, 7 Sticky Notes offers the Advanced Notes Manager.

Putting into simpler words, the Notes Manager is to the notes the same Windows Explorer is to the files in your computer. It allows you to move your notes between desktops, delete them, restore them, wake up sleeping notes, etc, and it has advanced tools to let you easily manage your notes. It is also used for managing all your Desktops, as it was explained in the Multiple Desktops topic, and to manage the synchronization file, as it was explained in the previous Online Synchronization topic.

The Notes manager can be opened by directly acessing the 7 Sticky Notes program menu, under
the item "Notes Manager...", or by pressing its keyboard shortcut key, by default "WIN + N". If you need help on how to access the program menu, just go back to the 7 Sticky Notes' Menu topic.

Once you click its menu item, the Notes Manager will be opened as is showed at the image below,with its main 6 main areas: Menus, Toolbars, Notes Tree, Notes List, Preview Pane, Statistics, and Search.
Since the Notes Manager has a lot of features, this help section will be divided into the following next 10 topics:

5.14.1. Layout
5.14.2. Menus and Toolbars
5.14.3. Notes Tree
5.14.4. Notes List
5.14.5. Preview Pane
5.14.6. Desktops Management
5.14.7. Drop Pad
5.14.8. Search
5.14.9. Statistics
5.14.10. Sync File