5.13.5. Online Synchronization Notifications
As it was explained in the last topics the Online Sync feature of 7 Sticky Notes allows you to easily send and receive notes from different computers together with free online services like DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc.

But, in the same way you can do this only for you, you can also use the Online Sync feature to share note between a team of several people!! If you simply share the same account, and same sync with several people, you instantly become able to share the notes around with everyone back and forth.

And in order to help manage the sharing of notes between several people using the Online Sync, starting from version 1.9, 7 Sticky Notes introduces the new "Online Sync Notification" feature!

The Online Sync Notification feature is a simple buy useful tool that will notify you every time you receive note in you sync file (by others), every time others removes notes from the sync file, and also every time database images are added or removed.

This feature is enabled by default, and it monitors the notes inside the sync file for any modifications, and every time a modification is detected, the exclusive Online Notification Window will pop up in the bottom right of your screen to show you what changed, so you can then check it out. The notifications monitored are:

• Notes added or removed from the Quick Sync
• Complete Database Images added or removed
• Notes added or removed from the Database Images
• A data modification in the Sync File

Once any of these modifications is detected, 7 Sticky Notes will nicely fade in he Notification Window into your screen, as shown in the pictures below:


The Notification Window is enabled by default on 7 Sticky Notes, and it will automatically close after 6 seconds, or as soon as you press the ESC key.

If you want you can also change the auto-close time, or even disable the Online Sync Notification window at the Sync Section of the program options.