5.13.1. What is the Online Synchronization?
As of v1.8 of 7 Sticky Notes, a new great feature is released: the brand new Online Synchronization feature!

This new feature was created after many user requests and allows 7 Sticky Notes to nicely and easily integrate with DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync and many other cloud services to sync your notes any place and anywhere you go!!

The 7 Sticky Notes Online Sync works by basically using a new "Sync File" to exchange notes with the data you have online, and locally at the database. By using the sync file, it can integrate with any Online Storage Synchronization Service, since all you need to do is simply share this sync file as you would with any other file), and then 7 Sticky Notes will use it as an "exchange" area for sending and receiving the notes to and from the Online Syncrhonization Service, handled completely by itself, so you don't need to worry about managing the manual copy/paste of any file.

With this new feature, 7 Sticky Notes introduces also many new functions to let you easily send and receive the notes, all transparent and very easy to use. The next sync topics of this help will show you how to use the Online Sync to send and receive your notes, and will use example based on a DropBox synchronization.

To start learning how to use the Online Synchronization features, please go to the next topic to know how the Online Synchronization works!