5.15 .5. Desktop Switcher
The "Desktop Switcher" section of 7 Sticky notes allows you to make all the customization to the Desktop Switcher feature, which was described at its previous topic. The Desktop Switcher have two elements that can be enabled separately or together, which are the "Individual Switcher" and the "Desktops List".

The "Individual Switcher" is the classic Desktop Switcher that cycles through the Desktops allowing you to select them, and the "Desktops List", is similar to the Individual Switcher, but it shows the Desktops as a list, where they can be selected, allowing an easier navigation through the 7 Sticky Notes Desktops. Each one of the options of this section will be described in the numbers of the picture below:

1. "Do not include the "all Desktops item at the Desktop Switcher list" - By default, the Desktop Switcher includes the "All Desktop" item that you can find at the program's menu at its list. If you enable this option, the "All Desktops" item will not be included at the Desktop Switcher or at the Desktops List.

2. "Enable auto desktop selection" - Enables the Desktop Switcher to automatically select the showed Desktop after a specified amount of time has passed. This time amount can be defined between 0.5s and 7s using the side slider.

3. "Enable Active Desktop switching" - Enables the active switching of the Desktop Switcher. When the active switching is enabled, the Desktop Switcher will automatically change to the showed Desktop after a specified amount of has passed. This time delay can be defined between 0 and 1000ms using the side slider.

4. "Fade in/Fade out times" - Specifies the fade speed of the Desktop Switcher when it is showed/hidden. This time can be adjusted between 1ms and 45ms using the side slider.

5. "Individual Switcher / Desktops List Tab" - Lets you switch between the configurations for the "Individual Switcher" and for the "Desktops List". Depending on which tab is selected, the fields below are changed with configurations respective to the selected tab.

6. "Show Individual Desktops Switcher" / "Show Desktops Switcher List" - Enables or disables completely the Desktop Switcher or the Desktops List to show when you press its keyboard shortcut (set at the General Section of the options).

7. "Monitor" - Defines the monitor where the Desktops Switcher/Desktops List will be showed when it opens. You can select three options: (1) automatic, at the monitor where the focused window is, (2) automatic, at the monitor where the mouse pointer it, or (3) manually, by specifying the monitor number.

8. "Position" - Defines the monitor position where the Desktops Switcher/Desktops List will be placed. Here you can select two options: (1) automatic, at the center of the monitor, or (2) manual, by specifying the center on-screen position of the Desktops Switcher/Desktops List. Note that if both the Desktops Switcher and the Desktops List are in the same monitor and not with its position manually specified, 7 Sticky notes will automatically find the best position for them on the screen.

9. "Slide in/Slide Out Direction" - By default, when the Desktop Switcher/Desktops List is activated, it presents a smooth fade/slide showing animation, that is also repeated when it is hidden. At these options you can customize the position and animation parameters of the Desktop Switcher/Desktops List. You can specify the slide direction between Horizontal/Vertical using the drop-down list and the slide distance in pixels, or disable the animation completely.


10. Desktop Switcher/Desktops List Font Styles - In this area you can customize the font styles of the Desktop Switcher/Desktops List, which includes its font family, size, color, and styles (bold, italic, and underline).