5.15.12. Languages
Would like to help? If you cannot find your language at 7 Sticky Notes, then you can help by translating the program to your language. 7 Sticky Notes is a free program built to help everyone, and by translating it you will help many users that will be able to use the program in their native languages! All translation scripts are available here at the Languages Page, and are free and available for anyone to translate them! The help is much appreciated, and if you want to contribute and have any questions, feel free to and I'll explain how to get the translation ready!
This topic will describe the "Languages" section of 7 Sticky Notes options, which can be seen at the picture below. At this page you can manage and configure all translations options, which includes adding new translations, verifying translation files, removing loaded languages, and changing the language used in 7 Sticky Notes (translation). At this page you will also find a list of all available traslations for 7 Sticky Notes.

1. Current Language - Defines the current language 7 Sticky Notes is using, and lists the available languages for translations, through the drop-down list. Despite the loaded translations, this list will always show at the first position the item "en-US - English (US) - Default", which is the default English (United States) language of 7 Sticky Notes, which does not require any language file to be loaded.

2. Apply Translation Button - When pressed, 7 Sticky Notes will apply the selected language to the program. During this process the language file will pass through formatting tests to verify the translation file content and by an optimization routine, and once it

finishes without errors, the new language is saved. After this process, 7 Sticky Notes must be restarted in order for the changes (new language) to be showed.

3. Import Language File Button - Click to import a 7 Sticky Notes translation file. All imported files' format (content) are checked also. The table below have all language files available for all 7 Sticky Notes versions:

Note: The language files for the latest version 7 Sticky Notes are highlighted with blue background.

Language Name Language
7 Sticky Notes
Author Download
English (United States) 1.4 1.9 Fabio Martin Download link
1.3 1.8 Fabio Martin Download link
1.2 1.7 Fabio Martin Download link
1.1 1.6 Fabio Martin Download link
1.0 1.5 Fabio Martin Download link
Portuguese (Brazil) 1.4 1.9 Fabio Martin Download link
1.3 1.8 Fabio Martin Download link
1.2 1.7 Fabio Martin Download link
1.1 1.6 Fabio Martin Download link
1.0 1.5 Fabio Martin Download link
Italian (Italy) 1.5 1.9 Roberto Bastianello Download link
1.4 1.8 Luca Gori Download link
1.3 1.7 Luca Gori Download link
1.2 1.6 Luca Gori Download link
1.1 1.5 Redi Redovato Download link
1.0 1.5 Redi Redovato Download link
Deutsch (Germany) 1.2 1.9 Wolfgang Becker Download link
1.1 1.8 Ulrich Pahlke Download link
1.0 1.7 Ulrich Pahlke Download link
Danish 1.1 1.9 Mogens Balle Download link
1.0 1.8 Mogens Balle Download link
Spanish 1.1 1.9 Agustín Ruiz Download link
1.0 1.8 Agustín Ruiz Download link
French (France) 1.0 1.9 Pascal Chauvin Download link
French (Canada) 1.0 1.9 Jean-Guy Ouellet Download link

4. Download Translation Button - Opens this webpage for downloading 7 Sticky Notes translation files.

5. Refresh Button - Click to reload the "Loaded Languages" list (re-scans the 7 Sticky Notes language folder for language files).

6. Remove Language Button - Deletes permanently the selected language at the list.

7. Check Language File Button - Analyzes the selected language file formatting structure (translation content) to verify if all the required paramenters are present, and automatically optimizes the file to be used in 7 Sticky Notes. If the file does not pass the formatting tests, the language item at the list becomes red, and an analysis report is generated with detailed information about the missing translation parameters.

8. Open selected file - Opens the language file for the selected language on the list.

9. Open languages folder - Opens 7 Sticky Notes language folder, where the language files are stored.

10. Loaded Languages List - Shows all loaded languages in 7 Sticky Notes. In other words, list all the language files present at the languages folder of 7 Sticky Notes. At this list you will find general information about the translation file, such as "Language ID", "Language Name", "Version", "Author", and "File Name". Languages showed in red cannot be used since did not pass the format tests. If you double click an item, it will be put in the "Current Language" list.