5.15. 7 Sticky Notes Options
Welcome to topic 5.15 - "7 Sticky Notes Options"!
If you got here, you may already know that 7 Sticky Notes offers a lot of nice features to help you and to make its usage more enjoyable. But, with the default looks you may think it's not exaclty your way, so, to overcome this, 7 Sticky Notes offers a whole full personalization of all its features, so you can make it look and feel exaclty like you want!

You can make all customization at the 7 Sticky Notes options screen, which you can access by click the item "Options..." from 7 Sticky Notes program menu:
Once you open the options, you will see that it is divided in 6 pages,
which are going to be described at the following topics:


So just go ahead and click on the items above to find out more about each 7 Sticky Notes option!