1. Quick Start for 7 Sticky Notes
First and foremost, if you are accessing this Quick Start help it is likely that you are just starting 7 Sticky Notes for the first time, and, for this reason, I just want to say welcome to 7 Sticky Notes!! :)

This topic will give you a very quick overview on how you can start using 7 Sticky Notes for the first time right away. It is quite brief with some basic information about it, but still helpful. Since this online help has all complete and detailed information about how to use 7 Sticky Notes and about its features and capabilities, you will find below links for the respective sections on this help where you can find more information. If you need more details, please feel free to navigate through it.

So here it goes a quick start help:

Q: How can I edit/modify the note? A: Simply middle or double click it!! (more info on the Editing Notes topic)
Q: How can I move a note? A: Just click and grab anywhere on the note. (more info on the Moving Notes topic)
Q: How can I size the notes? A: Click-and-grab on any edge and check it out!
Q: How can delete a note? A: By simply clicking the "x" icon, showed when hovering the title of the note!
Q: How can I show/hide the notes? A: One click at the tray icon to show all notes, and another to hides all notes, as simple as that! (more info on the Showing/Hiding Notes topic)
Q: Are there any keyboard shortcuts? A: Yes!! The Default SHORTCUT Keys are: (more info on the Keyboard Shortcuts Reference topic)
1. Win + Z to create a new note
2. Win + X to toggle all notes visible/not visible
3. Win + C to show the "Notes Desktop"
4. Win + V (or Win + SHIFT + V) to show the exclusive "7 Sticky Notes Desktop Switcher"..!
5. Win + N for a quick shortcut to open the handy 7 Sticky Notes "Notes Manager"!

Finally, right clicking the icon placed in the tray area show the program menu with all functions. (more info on the Program Menu topic)

That's it! 7 Sticky Notes was built to be easy to use and very powerful, so I invite you to give a try to all its capabilities, and explore this help, there are some useful and specific features that can be extremely helpful!