5.16. Keyboard Shortcuts Reference
Here you will find a nice summary of all default keyboard shortcuts used in 7 Sticky Notes, which are described along all topics of this help.

The shortcuts will be separated below in 3 tables: one for the global shortcuts (accessible even if 7 Sticky Notes is not focused), other for the shortcuts that only works at the note (when it is focused), and other for general shortcut keys.

Also, at all the tables below the most used shortcuts are listed first (in the top rows), to as they are more important. So here they go:

Global 7 Sticky Notes shortcuts:

All these shortcuts can be customized at the 7 Sticky Notes Options

Shortcut Keys Description
WIN + Z New Note
WIN + XShow/Hide Notes
WIN + NOpens the Notes Manager
WIN + SShows all notes (note: disabled by default, must be enabled at the program options.)
WIN + VOpens the Desktop Switcher or Switches Desktops forward
WIN + SHIFT + V Opens the Desktop Switcher or Switches Desktops backward
WIN + CShows or Hides the Notes Desktop
ENTERSelects desktop showed at the Desktop Switcher
UPSwitches to the previous Desktop at the Desktop List
DOWNSwitches to the next Desktop at the Desktop List
ESCCancels and closes the Desktop Switcher

Note Specific Shortcuts:

These shortcuts only work when a note is focused (was clicked, for example)

Shortcut Keys Description
CTRL + EEdits the Note
CTRL + SSaves the editing note
CTRL + SHIFT + SSaves all editing notes at the desktop
CTRL + WCancel the editing of the current note
CTRL + DDuplicates the Note
CTRL + UPCycles note theme to the previous color theme.
CTRL + DOWNCycles note theme to the next color theme.
CTRL + ASelects all text
CTRL + ZUndo (with multi-level support)
CTRL + YRedo (with multi-level support)
CTRL + BText Bold On/Off
CTRL + IText Italic On/Off
CTRL + UText Underline On/Off
CTRL + LText Paragraph Bullet On/Off
CTRL + ALT + HHighlights a normal selected text
CTRL + ALT + HRemoves highlighting of a highlighted selected text
Reset the selected text (title/note) to the default fonts setup at the program options
CTRL + QReset the selected paragraphs to the default fonts
CTRL + ClickOpens a URL link when under editing. When not editing links open directly when clicked.
CTRL + SHIFT + VPastes text without formatting
CTRL + MoveSnap (or not) Note to Other Borders
SHIFT + MoveShow Grid + Align Note to Grid
CTRL + SHIFT + MoveShow Grid + Align Note to Grid + Snap Note to Other Borders
Moves the note accordingly
Moves the note accordingly, with "fine" steps
CTRL + FOpens the "Find" dialog when under editing.
CTRL + HOpens the "Replace" dialog when under editing.
CTRL + NCreates a New Note
UPRolls the note Up
DOWNRolls all visible notes Down
UP + SHIFTRolls all visible notes Up
DOWN + SHIFTRolls the note Down

General Shortcuts:

These are shortcuts for other general program actions

Shortcut Keys Description
ESC(1) Closes the Desktop Switcher if open
(2) Closes the Sync Notification Window if open
(3) Closes any open tray baloon tooltip