5.6.2. Tabbing between all Notes
Starting from version 1.9 of 7 Sticky Notes, a new very nice and useful feature has been introduced: the new tabbing between notes capability!

The tabbing feature was added after user suggestions to allow easily tabbing between the notes using the keyboard, and also to easily allow identifying and finding the note that has the keyboard focus.

The first and most noticeable effect you will see is that 7 Sticky Notes will nicely and elegantly allow you to see the selected note (if any) by putting a blinking glass frame around it. To see this effect is very easy: simply click a note (to have it with the keyboard focus) and then press the SHIFT key. You will see that the glass frame stars to blink around it, easily showing which note is selected:

Glass frame blinking around the selected note

Once the note is blinking, it will stay blinking as long as you press the SHIFT key, so you can see it.

So, now that you see which note is focused, the second functionality comes into place: the notes tabbing feature! This feature allows you to tab/cycle back and forth around the notes shown, so you can easily move from one to another using only the keyboard!

  To use it is quite simple: (while pressing SHIFT for the glass frame to appear on the note) press (SHIFT) TAB to cycle to the next note, and (SHIFT) CTRL + TAB to cycle to the previous note! And that is it, you will tab between the notes!

The tabbing feature was designed to be very responsive, and you'll see that once you tab to the next note, it will then get the glass frame and the previous note will have its frame to fade out. And once you do this again the next note will receive the glass frame and so on for all notes while you are tabbing, so you can see each one of the notes and tab between all of them using only the keyboard!

The picture below shows the tabbing in action, done by keeping the SHIFT + TAB pressing, so the tabbing goes around quickly (similar to the ALT + TAB of Windows to cycle through the open windows).

Quickly tabbing between all notes

Additionally, every time you tab to a new note, it will be shown on top, so you can easily see its content. For instance, you can have all your notes stacked up, and use the WIN + S global shortcut setup to show the notes, and then press SHIFT + TAB to cycle between all your notes, without having to access the mouse.

And finally the tabbing actions can also be customized at the program options, where you can the rules for the tabbing of the note (tab according to the notes order, text, position, etc). To see how to setup the tabbing rules, please check the Visual Effects Options Section of this help.