7. Troubleshooting
1. I get the error "Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" error when I try to open 7 Sticky Notes. Or I get the same error but for other files, such as "richtx32.ocx".

This error is normally caused by some other program, specially cleaning softwares (like CCleaner), that removed libraries from your computer that are used by 7 Sticky Notes without being careful.

The fix is quite simple: just run 7 Sticky Notes install setup again (simple install it over, you don't need to uninstall it), and all should work again. The setup of 7 Sticky Notes is designed to re-register any missing file on your system, and installing the program again should fix the problem. Also, the setup is designed to never change your data, so reinstalling the program will not change any of your notes or configurations.

Unfortunately this issue happens because such cleaning software are often not careful, and delete files that are being used, so if it happens again, simply follow this procedure, or even better, don't let these programs to remove them.

2. I get the "Installation Error Setup cannot find EnterpriseWW\EnterpriseWW.msi" message when try to running 7 Sticky Notes.

This is a known Microsoft Office 2007 problem, that is not related directly to 7 sticky Notes as it can occur when launching other programs too. As suggested by many forums online, it seems that reinstalling Microsoft Office 2007 solves this problem of the frequent pop messages for the EnterpriseWW.msi. In the specific case of 7 Sticky Notes, uninstalling Office 2007 and 7 Sticky Notes at the same time and then reinstalling both of them seemed to fix and stop these annoying messages. So reinstall both Office 2007 and 7 Sticky Notes to solve the problem.

3. The program does not work and I get the error "Could not find the file 'C:\7 Sticky Notes\notes.mdb'" when trying to run 7 Sticky Notes portable in Windows 7.

Specifically here, the problem is that Windows 7, regardless if you are admin or not, does not allow a software (7 Sticky Notes or any other) to be changing things on a C:\ folder. When the program is run for the first time, it creates the database file (notes.mdb, which in this case is located inside the program folder in the portable mode) and other files as well, but Windows does not allow this and so the program errors and does not work. This problem can be easily reproduced by running the program from c:\ in Windows 7, so the solution is just a matter of moving the 7 Sticky Notes Portable folder away from C:\.

4. 7 Sticky Notes crashes as soon as you run it with a "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." error message from Windows (specially if you are using Windows Server 2008, 2002, etc).

Windows, starting from Vista, and specially Windows Server is much more restrict and limited than other versions when it comes to security and programs execution. It was reported by some users using Windows Server (2008 R2 and 2002) that 7 Sticky Notes crashes every time it is attempted to run, and this can be related to Windows' extra securities blocks.

7 Sticky Notes is very transparent to your system, 100% safe, and it does not make any system changes or offers security breaks, but, it is known that Windows' DEP (Data Execution Prevention) can simply crash programs (see here http://www.askshank.com/2010/03/windows-program-crashes-as-soon-as-you-run-it/), because of very rigid security configurations.

If this is happening to your system, simply allow 7 Sticky Notes inside DEP to be executed, and the program will work normally:

1. Click start.
2. Click control panel.
3. Click system.
4. Click the advanced tab
5. Click settings in the performance section
6. Click the data execute tab.
7. Select turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select.
8. Click add.
9. Enter 7 Sticky Notes' executable
10. Click ok.

5. I synchronized directly the notes.mdb database file, and after opening DropBox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, etc, all my notes are gone.

In this case, it is very likely that your synchronization software (DrobBox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, etc) overwrote, or deleted the notes.mdb database. All your data (notes) is stored inside the notes.mdb database file, but also all files synchronized by these synchronization software are susceptible to be deleted and overwritten by them if they conclude they are old, and by sharing your live main database file notes.mdb you will risk to have all your notes overwritten and lost if you allow it to be changed by external synchronization software.

Some of these software keep backup of the files they overwrite, so you can try to look for it or read their documentation, but, unfortunately if this was done it is likely that the notes won't be able to be restored.

If you share the notes database (notes.mdb), or any other file, with GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, etc, you are allowing them to do anything with it, which means freely overwriting it if they decide to. This means that if you keep several computers synchronized with GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, etc, they might think that one is more recent then another, and overwrite a file that it shouldn't.

So the recommendation is to NOT synchronize over the notes.mdb database file. You should never sync the main notes.mdb file. It is your personal data file, and the one 7 Sticky Notes uses, so it is too risky to let other sync softwares to have full control over it.

Instead, use the Online Synchronization feature. It was specifically designed to allow synchronizing your notes with other computers using DropBox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, etc, and it does not use the notes.mdb file, and thus provide a safe operation.

7 Sticky Notes is built to be robust and protect your data as it is terrible to lost your personal notes, but if other program overwrites the database (pretty much as if you delete the database manually), there isn't much it can do. 7 Sticky Notes does lock the database while using it, but when it closed, it can't track it anymore.

As an additional suggestion to protect from accidental removal that might cause your data to be lost, since the 7 Sticky Notes database is pretty light it won't cost you much hard drive space to setup an automatic database backup to keep track of it in a second location. You can enable the 7 Sticky Notes auto-backup option, and let it keep track of your database for a customized number of days, as explained in the Database Options section of this help.

6. I am using v1.9 and I get a message "Error 13 Type mismatch" every time I start 7 Sticky Notes

There is a bug in v1.9 that causes an error for users that are using system date format with spaces, such as "dd. mm. yyyy. ". This error has been fixed on the latest beta version, and to download it, please go to the download page.

7. I received a "Error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set" error after I hit the "Apply" button at the program options to save the changes on v1.9 and v1.8.

There is a known issue on v1.8 and 1.9 that can trigger this error after you save the options. Although this error only happens once, and a simple close/open of the program options will prevent it from happening again, when this error happens the options are not saved. New safety check structures have been added on the latest beta version of 7 Sticky Notes to prevent this error. To download it, please go to the download page.