About 7 Sticky Notes!

First of all, I hope you're enjoying this website!

My name is Fabio, and I am an Engineer that enjoy and have been
working with software, programming and webdesign for the past years.

I live and work in São Paulo, the biggest and most amazing city of Brazil,
where I also study Marketing.

7 Sticky Notes is a great project I started as an opportunity to help other people
out there that have lots of things to do and need a good desktop notes software.

I will release all 7 Sticky Notes updates officialy here at this
website and, if you have a suggestion for 7 Sticky Notes,
want to report any bugs, or just want to contact me,
please send an e-mail at .

7 Sticky Notes is built from the users to the users, and any suggestion is very much welcome!!

I hope you like 7 Sticky Notes!

Thank you very much,
Fabio Martin