5.9. Using Multiple Desktops
7 Sticky Notes allows you to use Several (or multiple) Desktops in order to help you in organizing your notes. The Desktops are like categories, which you can use to separate your notes in groups. For example, you can create one desktop for your work notes, another one for your home notes, a third desktop for urgent tasks, and so on. You can create as much desktops as you need, easily move the notes between your desktops, and switch 7 Sticky Notes between them, as is going to be explained in this topic.

Creating your Desktops

So, I think you would like to start off by creating a few desktops, right? Well, this, and other desktop-related tasks, is done through the Notes Manager
of 7 Sticky Notes. There you will be able to easily (1) create new desktops, (2) delete desktops, (3) re-order the desktops, (4) define the default initialization desktop, and (5) select the desktops you would like to have showed at the Desktop Switcher. To see how you can do all these actions, please check the Notes Manager Desktops Management topic of this help.

Desktop View Modes

Ok, now that you created as many new desktops as you need, it is important to explain what are the 7 Sticky Notes "Desktop View Modes", before you can start showing/switching your desktops.

7 Sticky Notes has two "desktop view modes" when you have your notes visible. In other words, when you have your notes showed (as is going to be explained in the next topic Showing/Hiding Notes), you will be seeing either:

       (1) the notes from one of your desktops, or
       (2) the notes for all desktops, also called the "All Desktops" mode.

This means that if you select the first view mode above, then all the notes from a single desktop will be showed at your screen, and, if you select the second mode above, then all the notes from all desktops will be visible at your screen. How you can switch and change between your desktops will be explained next.

Showing/Switching Multiple Desktops

Now that you know how everything works, and have your desktops ready, I am going to finally explain how you can switch/change your desktops, so you can start using your notes right away! So, there are 3 ways you can do this switching/changing between desktops and "Desktop View Modes" - you can either use the 7 Sticky Notes' program menu, the Notes Manager, or the Desktop Switcher:

       • Program Menu: How to use the program menu to switch/select your desktops and "All Desktops" was previously explained in this help, and you can check this at the 7 Sticky Notes' Menu topic.

       • Notes Manager: From the Notes Manager, besides being able to manage the Desktops, you can also use it to switch the desktops. To see how this can be done, please check the Notes Manager Desktops Management topic of this help.

       • Desktop Switcher: The Desktop Switcher is a tool that was specially designed to help you switching between the desktops. For this reason, the Desktop Switcher have a special topic in this help where there will be explained how you can use all of its features. In this way, to know more about the Desktop Switcher, please check the next topic Desktop Switcher.