6. Uninstalling 7 Sticky Notes
As described in this help, 7 Sticky Notes can be installed in two versions: the portable, and the normal version. Please see below how to uninstall each one of these versions:

Portable version: When the portable version is installed, the setup package simply copies all 7 Sticky Notes files to the folder specified during the setup, so there is no need to run any uninstall program to remove it. In this way, to uninstall 7 Sticky Notes portable, just delete its folder.

Normal version: To uninstall the regular version of 7 Sticky Notes, all you have to do is run the uninstall package, that was created when you installed 7 Sticky Notes.

There are three places from where you can run the uninstall package. The easiest way is to simply click at the icon "Uninstall 7 Sticky Notes" from the Windows' start menu, if you installed the start menu icons. But, if you did not create any icon, then you have two choices, one is going to Windows XP' "Add/Remove Programs" ("Programs and Features" in Windows Vista and 7), and remove 7 Sticky Notes from the list, and other it to go directly to the installation folder of 7 Sticky and run the uninstaller package file unins000.exe.

Any one of the methods above will do the same: uninstall 7 Sticky Notes. So, once you got the uninstall package running, just proceed until it completes.

Note that 7 Sticky Notes user files (configuration file config.ini, database file notes.mdb, and - if any error occurred - errors log file errors.log) are not removed by the uninstaller and must be manually removed. Think twice when deleting these files as they store all your personal data and notes! These files are by default located at Windows' Application Data folder, which can have the following paths:

Windows XP/2000: C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\7 Sticky Notes
Windows 7/Vista: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\7 Sticky Notes

Note also that you might have changed the database location or the attchments folder. If this is the case, you should locate the database file notes.mdb inside your personal folder, and the attached files inside the specified storage folder.